What’s important when selecting a good childrens story book?

What’s important when you’re looking for a good childrens story book? Most people will obviously look for age appropriate books and often times they just grab what looks cute with not a lot of thought about what’s in the story. But some people take the time to actually look inside the book and see what’s there.

What’s important when selecting a children’s story book is to think about the child. In the early years of a child’s life their mind is a sponge and they take everything in. So if you take the time to sit and read with them they will learn to read earlier than their peers and will pick up skills associated with the books that are read to them.

Taking time to actually look at the content of the book is so very important. Do you want to help them learn about colors? How about counting? How about social skills like helping people? How about manners like saying please and thank you? What about sight words to help them read better? So look for books that have those things associated with them. Make sure they have good pictures and are engaging to the child.

At Perry Bear Books the content is as important as what’s on the cover and the pictures on the page. Our goal is to create the best childrens books with the young minds of readers at the forefront of everything we do. We like to have our childrens books engage the child’s imagination, teach them about colors, counting, social interactions and more all while they learn to read.


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