4 comments for “I want to publish childrens books. Can I make a living writing childrens books? How do I become big?

  1. Louie
    April 3, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    there are lots of children books authors, i think j.k rowling is one of them.
    just believe in yourself and keep on writing

  2. bardsandsages
    April 3, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    First, step back and understand that very, very few authors write full time. Sometimes people here about the Kings and Grishams of the industry and assume that all authors pull in that kind of money. They don’t. Most authors still need a main source of income. If you are writing because you want to “get big” you will be dissappointed.

    There are plenty of publishers that produce children’s books. Check out Writer’s Digest and other magazines that maintain lists of publishers. Research the industry. Read children’s books to get an idea of what goes into them. Go to conferences and seminars on how to write children’s literature. Do your homework. Then, when you have a finished manuscript, find an agent. Most big publishers will not consider manuscripts without an agent.

    NOTE: Agents NEVER get paid until they place your work! Any agent that asks you for money up front or tries to sell you additional services is a scam.

    Some smaller presses will look at unagented work. In either case, make sure you request their submission guidelines FIRST and then submit your work based on their guidelines.

    I am sure someone will recommend Lulu or self-publishing. This is not an easy way to get published. Self-publishing requires a great deal of industry know-how to produce, edit, design, and market your own books.

  3. Andy
    April 5, 2012 at 7:41 am

    Publishing them and writing them are two different aspects of the literary field.

    If you want top publish them you’ll need to find authors. a printing house, distribution channels, suppliers, an ad agency, etc. A very expensive start-up operation in a field that is cut-throat.

    If you’re looking at becoming a writer you’ll need to find an agent, a good editor, possibly an artist (if your books are to be illustrated) and eventually a publisher.

    I’ve worked as an editor and writer for nearly 20-years and I’ve never seen the children’s book market so competitive.

    Here’s the good news — this is a growing segment of the publishing field. More-and-more authors are getting in front of book houses these days and getting into print. In part because of the Harry Potter craze.

    Find a niche to write about that you’re strong in; an agent that believes in you; and go for it!

    Good luck. –Andy

  4. wizeoldphart
    April 8, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Check The net for publishers, They will tell you what they handle.
    In your case you want one that does Childrens books. It is not easy to find one. I wrote two books and after many manuscripts sent out I only recieved three answers and all to the negitive. One came back to me with an answer three years later. I went the self publish route then and it is a hard row to hoe. I did okay only because i am retired and had time to do many book signings. They will tell you how they want the manuscript sent to them. If by chance they except your work, they will give you an upfront $ amount and as a new writer you will recieve a small percentage per book sold. Maybe say 15%. The best sellers authors can demand up to 80 -90 %?? Hope this helps. Oh! best go to (Warnings and Cautions for Writers) There are bad guys out there trying to take advantage of you for your $$.
    Wayne Russell. The Vagabond Writer

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